North Korea defector pleads for Trump to GO TO WAR with Kim Jong-un

North Korea has sparked fears of after its despot leader pushed on with the rogue state’s nuclear weapons programme despite international condemnation.

US President Donald Trump is heading for a 12-day tour of Asia, with North Korea expected to feature heavily in his conversations with the region’s leaders.

Ahead of Mr Trump’s Asia visit, a North Korean defector has pleaded with the US President to start an “insurgency” to end the Kim regime.

Ri Sun-kyong, who settled in South Korea in 2002, said: “North Korea’s a country bent on making nuclear weapons and missiles to prepare for a war, so it’s disinterested in its citizens.

“For North Koreans to live peacefully, it’ll take an insurgency against the regime to bring about a revolution.

“Every single country in the world should not help North Korea in any way.

“Instead, they should increase pressure so an insurgency takes place. 

“I look forward to the day the North becomes a country of prosperity for its people.”

The sabre-rattling between Mr Trump and Kim Jong-un amid the fears of World War 3 has been a cause of concern around the world. 

Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, suggested that war could begin within a year.

He told Sky News Australia: “I think the ideal solution would be for China to deal with Kim Jong-un and his regime decisively, I think you know what I mean by that.

“They certainly have it in their interests to ensure the regime or North Korea doesn’t collapse.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean Kim Jong-un has to be at the head of that regime. 

“There is one option that the Chinese deal with this problem. The second option is that we try and deter North Korea, and that would mean we redeploy tactical nuclear forces into the Korean peninsula and on ships at sea, to make it clear to Kim Jong-un that if he uses nuclear weapons then he’ll pay the ultimate price.

“Third third option is, sadly, war, and we have to prepare for that possibility, perhaps, within the next 12 months.”