PS4 news: Fortnite update, PlayStation Paris Games Week reveals and PSVR boost

A flurry of Fortnite updates have been released this week, some to add new content and others to help with existing server issues.

The first patch to be released was a major one, bringing new content, as well as Seasons, an in-game shop and better customisation options.

Fans can now adjust banners, the harvest tool (pickaxe etc.), character or glider, as well as choose the way they load in. 

“Our first stab at progression will come in the form of daily challenges you can complete to raise your Season account level and earn rewards. 

“You will also receive a banner flair to customize your banner at each level up until 49, at which point you can prestige your Season level.

“You’ll be able to earn two specific rewards simply by completing challenges and leveling up, a banner (Level 10) and a glider (Level 25). You will earn these permanently.”

This was followed by another patch, which was deployed on PS4 during the weekend before a major server problem.

Since then, another Fortnite update has been released, which has disabled all Squads features, as well as other playlist options.

“We’re turning off squads temporarily to improve performance for all players. They will return as soon as we are stable.

“Thanks for hanging in there with us. We’re not sure when squads will return but we’re working on it, Your patience is deeply appreciated.”

New PlayStation games reveals are coming this week, as part of Sony’s coverage of Paris Games Week.

PlayStation teased that they are set to make some “big” announcements at the upcoming Paris Games Week.

A recent blog post from Sony has revealed that there will be plenty of new gaming updates and even a few additional announcements.

“We’ll begin with an introductory livestream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR. You won’t want to miss it,” a blog post explains.

“The year is winding to a close, but PlayStation is just getting started. This Monday, 30th October, PlayStation’s Paris Games Week Media Showcase will begin at 4pm GMT/5pm CET, and we’re streaming all the action at

“But plan to tune in early at 3pm BST/4pm CET! We’ll begin with an introductory livestream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR. You won’t want to miss it.”

“Then at 4pm GMT/5pm CET, our Media Showcase will give you an exclusive new look at the next wave of huge PlayStation titles.”

There have been no substantial leaks over what could be revealed, although fans are hoping for more news on future titles, such as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project.

There aren’t so many PS4 exclusives in the works for the rest of the year, however, there are some interesting-sounding PlayStation VR projects coming soon.

Horror experience, The Inpatient arrives on PSVR in November and is set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, over 60 years prior to the 2016 BAFTA award-winning Until Dawn.

There’s also Doom VFR releasing in December for VR fans, as well as Bravo Team, which offers both single-player and online 2 player co-op.

The Cover-Based FPS requires a lot of teamwork and is also compatible with the PS VR Aim Controller.

“The super sharp accuracy and intuitive controls will make you feel as though you are actually holding the weapons in the game,” developers Supermassive Games explains.

“As you play, you interact with your environment intuitively.

“To get around cover simply lean left or right. To aim your weapon, just raise the controller and line up the iron sights. Pinned down by enemy fire? Lift the controller above your head and blind fire away.”