Lewis Hamilton crucial talks with Mercedes revealed by Toto Wolff

Hamilton will seal his fourth F1 World Drivers’ Championship at the Mexican Grand Prix if he finishes in the top five.

Even if he fails to do so today, he will still have two races to convert his massive lead into another title.

And after being beaten by team-mate Nico Rosberg in 2016 in a tempestuous internal battle, Wolff has revealed that he sat Hamilton down to discuss the problems within the team.

“Last year, when the season ended, it didn’t end on a positive note within the team,” Wolff told Sky Sports.

“We won the title with Nico but there was so much controversy that we felt it was better to sit down and we did. We met in Oxford in my house and had a chat.

“Everything was put on the table, all the frustrations that had built up over the years and all the good things.

“We found agreement over most things and it was a really good clear-the-air talk.”

Hamilton said that he felt betrayed by a number of changes in the teams that look after each car, which saw a number of personnel switch to Rosberg’s side and vice versa.

But Wolff reckons communication within Mercedes has vastly improved since last year.

“For a racing driver, it’s very important to know that the team is always transparent,” Wolff added.

“Sometimes as a racing driver you tend to have an opinion that is not 100 per cent objective.

“In the same way, that can happen for the team.

“Once you are able to discuss that and put your argument forward, it becomes clearer.”