Twitter to enforce policies against violent groups, hateful imagery and hate symbols – CNET

The social media site Twitter announced today that it will roll out new policies relating to violent groups, hateful imagery and hate symbols.

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This is all part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve user safety and cut down on online harassment and abuse. According to its calendar, which details upcoming approaches regarding safety policies, the new rules are as follows:


Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey.

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  • Violent groups: Twitter will suspend accounts for organizations that use violence to advance their cause.
  • Hateful Imagery and Hate Symbols: Hateful imagery and hate symbols will no longer be permitted in avatars or profile headers. Tweets containing this type of content will be placed behind an interstitial. (Twitter will share examples of hateful imagery and symbols as it finalizes this policy).

Harassment and abusive dialogue have plagued Twitter, which is often criticized for coming up short in trying to curb such behavior from its users. Earlier this month, users were urged to boycott Twitter for one day to bring attention to the harassment directed toward women on the site. As a result, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter will prohibit “creepshots” and “non-consensual nudity.”