WORLD WAR 3: Trump military ‘totally prepared’ for North Korea combat as UK back US strike

The Republican firebrand has long claimed he will do whatever is necessary to stop the rising technological advances of Kim Jong-un’s military – promising to rain “fire and fury” down on if the young despot steps out of line.

Now with the UK’s Foreign Secretary set to praise his military preparedness, Trump has warned North Korea it is “shocking” how “totally prepared” the is for conflict with Kim.

He said: “We’ll see what happens. We are so prepared, like you wouldn’t believe.”

“You would be shocked to see how totally prepared we are if we need to be.

“Would it be nice not to do that? The answer is yes.

“Will that happen? Who knows, who knows.”

His comments come ahead of a speech in which Boris Johnson is set to give his backing to the US President to “prepare any option” in tackling the nuclear threat from North Korea amid fears.

In a hard-hitting speech, the Foreign Secretary will insist that the US President has “an absolute duty” to protect his country and its allies against aggression by the regime of Kim Jong-un.

He will also urge the US not to rule out a military strike against the dictator’s forces, offering Kim Jong-Un a final ultimatum and claiming now is “the moment for North Korea’s regime to change course”.

He will tell a global security conference today: “Kim and the world need to understand that when the 45th President of the United States contemplates a regime led by a man who not only threatens to reduce New York to ashes, but who stands on the verge of acquiring the power to make good on his threat, I am afraid that the US President – whoever he or she might be – will have an absolute duty to prepare any option to keep safe not only the American people but all those who have sheltered under the American nuclear umbrella.”

He will go on to praise the US offering of the “nuclear umbrella” following the second world war, offering protection from nuclear weaponry for scores of nations and paving away for the 1970 Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

“It was an effort in which the UK – as one of the leading upholders of the post-war rules-based international order – played a crucial role.

“That diplomacy has helped to make the world safer, more secure, more confident and therefore more prosperous.

“It has helped avoid what might otherwise have been a Gadarene Rush to destruction, in which the world was turned into a great arena of Mexican stand-offs, a nuclear version of the final scene of Reservoir Dogs.

“That far-sightedness is now needed more than ever, not only to keep the NPT, but also one of its most valuable complementary accords, the nuclear deal with Iran.”