This Ultra-rare 1996 McLaren F1 could sell for a over £12 million

An incredibly rare 1996 McLaren F1 supercar has been revealed still in its protective packing and will go on sale at auction. 

If there was a handbook to follow to preserve the condition of a classic car then the owner of this supercar would surely have penned it.

Inside of the car, the seats, dashboard, steering wheel and carpets are all still wrapped in the protective coverings that are added to the vehicle at the factory. 

There is something a little bit sad about the fact this 627bhp V12 has never been put through its paces.

The owner however won’t care with examples of this car selling for north of £12 million. 

With this car being such an immaculate example, it could easily surpass that sales figure. 

The cars speedometer reads that just 239km have been driven over itself lifetime – 148 miles – and apparently these are only from factory testing. 

It has comes in Dandelion Yellow and has even been signed by the car’s creator Gordon Murray, in the same way an artist authors their work. 

Selling the car is UK dealer Tom Hartley Jnr, who claims this version has the lowest mileage in existence. 

Only 64 versions of the car were sold and this example is allegedly the 47th version to ever be built.

The buyer who lands this exquisitely maintained car will also collect up a range of add ons still in their packaging including a new exhaust, gold-plated titanium tools and tool chest. 

An incredibly rare TAG Heuer watch with the car’s chassis number engraved on it and a full luggage set also come with the car. 

Dealer Hartley Jnr said: “Without doubt this is one of the most important road cars ever to be offered for sale and if preserved is highly likely to be the most valuable road car in the world in years to come.”