Thor Ragnarok: Chris Hemsworth and fan fury as ‘F***ing MORON’ TV host drops HUGE spoiler

The Aussie actor generally appears to be a very upbeat and cheery chap.

However, the moment the interviewer seems to casually drop a huge plot spoiler into the conversation, Hemsworth visibly grimaces and tenses up as he bangs the desks in irritation.

Unable to contains his frustration as the host actually repeats the spoiler once again, he says: “You can’t give that away.”

While everyone on the panel of the The Project tries to smooth over the uncomfortable moment, the damage has already been done.


So what is the big reveal?

The host seemed intent on making sure that everyone got the message that Hela’s close connection to Thor will be revealed. It seems that the Goddess of Death is actually the God of Thunder’s dear sister.

Hemsworth tries to joke that they can just erase that part of the (live) interview, but his annoyance is understandable. You can watch the hugely uncomfortable scene next.

Fans were quick to share their fury at the TV presenter’s wilful and apparently unrepentant disregard for spoilers.

Comments ranged from :”F***ing moron spoiled it,” to :”SPOILERS! Don’t watch this if you don’t want a major plot point spoiled for you. I wish I could erase it from my mind. FFS!!!”

Another added: “Did that f***er just spoil Hela for us? Don’t watch from 6:20 for a few minutes if you don’t want a spoiler.”

Swearing and attacks on the indiscrete host continued with: “Mother f***er!!!! Son  of a b****!!! The f***!!!! Ahhh, I hope Marvel goes Disney on his ass.”

But was it really a spoiler?

It could be argued that anyone familiar with the comicbooks already knows that Hela is one of the divine Asgard family, although she is usually presented as Loki’s daughter. Likewise, anyone who has studied Norse myths and legends.

However, the majority of fans eagerly expecting the movie probably will not know this bit of family drama.

Either way, as another comment pointed out: “It is a spoiler. Doesn’t matter if you have read comics or not.”