Nintendo Switch dock that’s also a projector hits Indiegogo – CNET


The Ojo projector promises to make a big-screen Nintendo Switch experience nearly as portable as the tablet.


Playing four-player Mario Kart 8 Deluxe without a TV on the Nintendo Switch‘s 7-inch screen is a rather crammed experience. A combination Nintendo Switch dock and portable projector hitting Indiegogo this month aims to give you a bit more breathing space.

The Ojo projector from YesOjo, which is hitting Indiegogo on Oct. 24, looks like a short Nintendo Switch dock that has the projector part attached to it. The projector promises to create a 30- to 120-inch screen, includes an HDMI input for other devices, a 4-hour battery and an auxiliary port for plugging in speakers.

Pricing and availability for the projector are not currently known (I reached out to YesOjo for comment on this), but a video tweeted by the company shows 1-2 Switch being played projected onto a wall.

Like with all crowdfunding projects, it’s worth noting that anyone who jumps into YesOjo’s campaign runs the risk of possibly receiving a product that doesn’t meet this promise (or worse, never appears at all). 

It’s a fun idea, though, to have a docked Nintendo Switch experience anywhere you can find a blank wall.

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