LISTEN: US Embassy workers attacked with ‘SONIC WEAPON’ in Cuba

Twenty-one US diplomats have been affected, alongside several Canadians, according to the US State Department, which has revealed terrifying details of the “attack”.

The “attacks” – denied by Cuba – took place in the autumn of 2016 until the spring of 2017, with one new incident taking place in August and reported on September 1.

On Thursday, an American diplomat was thrown from his bed in the Capri hotel in Havana after being subjected to a loud high-pitched, grinding noise.

According to AP, the man moved just a few feet before the noise stopped. He clambered back into bed – and the noise started again.

This has led to reports suggesting specific rooms, and even specific parts of rooms are being targeted by the “attacks”.

Some victims report feeling vibrations and loud high-pitch sounds. Others also claimed the noises stopped when they moved away from their beds.

Fulton Armstrong, a former CIA official based in Havana, said: “None of this has a reasonable explanation.

“It’s just mystery after mystery after mystery.”

Suspicions of sonic weapons grew after several US diplomates returned to the USA for treatment.

However, diagnosis of mild brain injury, which are considered unlikely from sound, has caused confusion amongst the FBI, US intelligence agencies and State Department investigators.

The Cuban authorities, earlier this month, allowed teams from the FBI to travel to Havana to investigate the mysterious alleged “attacks”, but they are yet to find any evidence. 

Victims have told AP they now suffer from problems with their concentration and recalling specific words.

US investigators have tested theories, including that of deliberate attacks from Cuba’s Government, a rogue organisation inside Cuba’s security forces, or even an outside influence, such as Russia.

Cuba has denied having been involved in any potential “attack” and promised to offer its full cooperation in the investigations.

A statement said: “Cuba has never, no would it ever, allow that the Cuban territory be used for any action against accredited diplomatic agents or their families, without exception.”