Star Wars 8 trailer: Did SNOKE leave Rey on Jakku – HUGE clue revealed?

The trailer arrived in the early hours of this morning and ignited a frenzy of analysis and speculation.

It seems clear that all the rumour and hints that Rey and Snoke would meet at the end of the movie have been proved correct.

The footage appears to show Snoke torturing Rey, binding her with the Force.

This ties in with leaks provided by a Star Wars toy which appeared to show Rey battling through Snoke’s First Order ship. Except now it looks more and more likley that, to quote Admiral Akbar, it was a trap all along.


The opening lines of the new trailer are a menacing voiceover from Snoke. He says: “When I found you, I saw raw untamed power and beyond that something truly special.”

As expected, the words are accompanied by images of Kylo Ren, Snoke’s apprentice. But it seems more and more likely he was not speaking to Kylo.

As he says the word “special” the shot cuts to a scene of Rey firing up her lightsaber.

What if it is Rey he has been watching and wanting all along?

Leaked dialogue from a Str awras Last Jedi toy reval Snoek will say: “I have been expecting you.” Again, is this to Rey not Kylo?

We know from the novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End, that Snoke has been watching Kylo Ren since he was in the womb. What if he was also watching Rey?

What if it was Snoke who discovered her huge potential and Snoke who left her on Jakku?

If Snoke is as powerful as he seems, he may be able to sense patterns in the Force. His closing lines from the trailer hammer the point home.

As Rey hangs screaming in the air, Snoke can be seen looming in the background.

His final words are: Fulfill your destiny.” Again, we would have assumed he was talking to Kylo Ren, except it is Rey who is shown, once more. 

If Luke had known about Rey, whether he is her father or not, surely he would have brought her to his Jedi school and temple? Jedi were shown being trained from a very young age in the previous prequel trilogy.

It looks more and more likely that Rey is part of Snoke’s diabolical plan.