Google birthday surprise spinner: How to play the Google Doodle snake game

is known for replacing its logo with special Doodles – animations, games and illustrations – to mark major events, and today it has outdone itself.

To mark its 19th birthday the search engine giant has brought back 19 of its best games, including its brand new version of Snake.

For one day only, Google’s logo has transformed into a birthday surprise spinner.

Click on it, and Google will serve up a random game, with Pac Man, Pinata, Cricket Cricket and DJing games all on offer.

Google said: “They say life is full of surprises, and Google’s history is chock-full of them. In fact, we wouldn’t be here without them.

“In 1997, one of Google’s co-founders, Larry Page, had just arrived at Stanford University to pursue his P.h.D in computer science. 

“Of all the students on campus, Google’s other co-founder, Sergey Brin, was randomly assigned to show Page around. This chance encounter was the happy surprise that started it all.”

The two men got to work in a garage, and “billions of searches later”, Google has grown into the most visited website on the internet.

Its parent company Alphabet is one of the most valuable in the world.

“Named for the number “googol” (a 1 followed by one hundred zeroes), Google inches closer to its namesake each year, currently serving more than 4.5 billion users in 160 countries speaking 123 languages worldwide,” Google said.

How to play Google’s Snake game

Frustratingly, Google’s birthday surprise spinner picks a game at random each time it is spun.

But luckily has tracked down a link which will take you directly to the Snake game by  

The game is a faithful a of the classic arcade game, which many will remember from Nokia phones of the late 1990s.

To play, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to direct the snake towards the apples – but be careful not to eat your own tail.

Those using smartphones can control the snake by swiping their touch screens.