You won’t BELIEVE which ‘NASTY’ new movie Russia wants to BAN: ‘It will incite HATRED’

Last month the first trailer for the upcoming black comedy was released and the latest set of reviews have been glowing.

The Death of Stalin comes from The Thick of It’s Armando Iannucci, who is well known for his behind-the-scenes take on political satire.

However his new movie, which follows the power struggle following the Russian dictator’s death in 1953, may not be released in the country it is set in.

According to The Guardian, Pavel Pozhigailo, a high-ranking adviser to the Russian culture ministry, has claimed the film is a “planned provocation.”

Apparently the Russian official believes The Death of Stalin “could be part of a western plot to destabilise Russia by causing rifts in society.”

Pozhigailo claimed the culture ministry will ban the film from screening if it has the potential to “incite hatred.”

However it’s not just he government who apparently hate the new movie, with The Communist Party – the second largest party in parliament – calling the movie “revolting.”

Meanwhile Vzglyad, a pro-Kremlin newspaper said The Death of Stalin was “a nasty send-up by outsiders who know nothing of our history … Should it be screened in Russia? Of course not.”

The Guardian reported that the country’s newspapers expressed outrage for the video’s “crude stereotyping of Russian culture.”

The British newspaper said that some viewers found the video “borderline racist”.

The Death of Stalin will be released in UK cinemas on October 20, 2017.