Mexico City EARTHQUAKE: SHOCK explosion as 7.1 quake rocks southern Mexico

The shocking footage shows an explosion tearing through Mexico City after the southern part of Mexico was rocked by a 7.1 earthquake.

Flames can be seen engulfing a building in the distance before a huge ring of fire erupts towards the sky.

Terrified onlookers can be heard yelling following the loud blast.

The flames can then be seen expanding to a wider part of the building.

Buildings in Mexico City shook as the quake rumbled below, and office workers fled into the street for fear of their lives.

There have been reports of widespread fires in buildings across the capital and several people are said to be trapped.

Pictures shared online show at least one building has partially collapsed and several have been severely damaged.

The five fatalities have been reported in Puebla, the centre of the quake.

In Cuernavaca, a city south of Mexico City, there were unconfirmed reports on local radio of people trapped beneath collapsed buildings.

Mexican TV and social media showed cars crushed by debris. Many people fled into the streets, and electricity and phone lines were down in parts of the capital.

“We got out really fast, leaving everything as it was and just left,” said Rosaura Suarez, as she stood with a crowd on the street.

Fears that the quake could cause a tsunami in the Pacific ocean have been dismissed by officials from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, who said it was too far inland to generate such a wave.