Ghost hunter KILLED by moving coffin inside ‘buried alive’ HAUNTED house at top theme park

The attraction, known as “Buried Alive”, is part of a festival at Ocean Park which is Hong Kong’s largest amusement park.

The man, who was 21-years-old, was found unconscious five minutes after he entered the attraction, according to Ocean Park chief executive Matthias Li.

Speaking of the attraction, Ocean Park’s website said visitors would “experience being buried alive alone, before fighting their way out of their dark and eerie grave”.

He has been confirmed dead in hospital, police have said.

Visitors are supposed to get inside a coffin-turned-slide, local media have reported.

It is understood that visitors then slip through into the haunted house where they experience what Ocean Park’s website has described as “a rocky maze filled with dreadful ghouls”.

Hong Kong’s government said it believed the man entered the house safely but wandered off into a restricted area where he was struck by machinery.

He is believed to have entered into an area for mechanical operations that was not open to visitors and was hit by a mechanical part.

The man was friends with an employee of a Swire Group subsidiary and had visited Ocean Park as part of an annual staff event organised by the company, it has been reported.

He was among a group getting an early look at the rides on offer at this year’s festival, which begins on October 5.

Police have said an investigation is ongoing.

Hong Kong’s government has ordered the closure of the “Buried Alive” attraction until further notice.