Amazon ‘deletes 900 FAKE reviews’ of Hillary Clinton’s book

The book, What Happened, went on sale on Tuesday and within 24 hours there were around 1,600 reviews – many of them critical.

Quartz analysed the data and discovered only 338 of the posts were from users with verified purchases of the item – those who actually bought the book from

It is possible the other users bought the book elsewhere and then logged on to the site to post a review, but on Amazon the vast majority of reviews are from people who bought the book on the site.

Quartz report says as of 4.40pm BST the former secretary of state’s book had 1,669 reviews; 50 percent one star, and 45 per cent five star. The average rating was 3.2.

After the reviews were deleted the average rating rose to 4.3 stars.

Amazon refused to confirm that they had deleted any reviews, but by Wednesday evening only 460 reviews remained on the site, and they all were “verified” purchases.

Jonathan Karp, president and publisher of Simon & Schuster, told The Telegraph he believed many of the reviews were from people who hadn’t read the book.

He said: “It seems highly unlikely that approximately 1,500 people read Hillary Clinton’s book overnight and came to the stark conclusion that it is either brilliant or awful.”

Currently the book has 574 reviews, 95 per cent are 5 stars and 3 per cent are 1 star.

On the UK Amazon site the book had an average of 2.2 stars from 43 reviews. Just as on its American counterpart, the majority of negative reviews were not from users with verified purchases.

The former presidential candidate’s book is about how she lost the 2016 election and what it was like to run against Donald Trump. 

This morning, President Trump took to Twitter to slam the tome, writing: “Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction!”