IT movie leaks: WATCH Pennywise TEAR off Georgie’s arm online

IT is smashing box office records across the world this weekend.

Andres Muschietti’s big screen reboot of Stephen Kings 1986 classic novel is the movie that could save Hollywood. After a dismal summer at the box office, Hollywood is pinning its hopes on a killer clown. The movie took $113million worldwide on its opening day alone.

Fans have flocked to see Pennywise back in action and some have already defied the authorities to flood teh internet with pirated scenes from screenings.

The most popular is teh awful moment Georgie loses his boat down that manhole. Don’t reach in, kid, seriously…

Even director Muschietti has admitted the scene is exceptionally disturbing.

He said: “Well, the Georgie death is pretty gruesome. 

“He’s attacked by Pennywise, and he’s missing an arm, and he tries to get away from the sewer, like he’s dragged into it again, leaving a trail of blood, but his body is never found.”

Watch the horrifying moment if you dare. Warning: those teeth will give you nightmares..

Angry clowns around teh world say that the terrifying Pennywise has had a terrible impact on their business and created a false impression of what clown really stand for.

The World Clown Association released a statement accusing IT of: “taking something innocent and wholesome and perverting it.”

Stephen King calmly pointed out that children (and many adults) have always been freaked out by clowns. He said: “The clowns are p***ed at me. Sorry most are great but kids have always been scared of clowns.”

King recently explained the key to IT’s enduring appeal and ability to terrify fans.

He said: “The entity that is Pennywise focuses on whatever you are afraid of the most.”