Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 2017 engagement bets OFF: Latest odds on couple’s marriage

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge confirmed they are expecting their third child on Monday, and Prince William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, is now expected to follow up that announcement with news of his own. 

Prince Harry, 32, and Meghan Markle, 36, have been dating since last year, and rumours of the couple’s engagement have been escalating since their latest getaway to Africa together. 

But following the news of the Duchess Kate Middleton, 35, and Prince William, 35, having their third child, Ladbrokes believes more good news is set to come from the royal family and has suspended betting on Prince Harry proposing to Meghan Markle this year. 

Instead, the bookmakers has offered the latest odds on when the couple will get married. 

A 2017 wedding is priced up at 16/1, although at 6/4, it’s much more likely the pair tie the knot in 2019, with 3/1 on offer for a 2018 wedding. 

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Punters are wondering who’ll pop first – Harry with the question or Kate with the baby. And as far as we’re concerned, it’s now a matter of when and not if Harry gets down on one knee this year.” 

Bookmakers Betfair is still accepting bets for the couple getting engaged this year. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting engaged before the end of 2017 is being held at 6/4. It not happening is 1/2. 

For a 2018 engagement it is 5/4, a 2019 proposal 7/1, 2020 or later 14/1 and the pair never getting engaged is 7/4. 

For more risky gamblers, the odds on the couple getting married before the end of 2017 is 9/1, while the couple being married before the end of 2018 is currently 3/1. 

Katie Baylis, Betfair spokesperson said: “It’s the interview the world has been waiting for and finally Meghan Markle has spoken publicly about her relationship with Prince Harry.

“We have had a lot of interest in odds on whether the couple would get engaged this year and this article in Vanity Fair where she reveals how in love and happy they are together is sure to add to that interest and speculation that we can’t be far off another royal engagement and we have odds of 6/4 of that happening this year.

“We also make it 3/1 that the couple will actually marry next year, which would make 2018 a huge year for the Royals following on from the news yesterday that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant and due around March or April next year.”

Bookmakers have also been taking bets on what Prince William and the Duchess, Kate will call their third baby