China FURIOUS with Theresa May over North Korea comments – ‘she’s weak and vulnerable’

The British Prime Minister described the behaviour of Kim Jong-un’s secretive regime as “outrageous” this week after it fired a missile over northern Japan.

During her visit to Japan, she singled out China as having a vital part to play in persuading Kim Jong-Un to abandon plans for more strikes.

She said: “What I want to do is work with our international partners and I will have obviously the opportunity here in Japan to talk to Prime Minister Abe about these tests that North Korea has been carrying out and how we can work together and with others internationally to put pressure on North Korea to stop.

“And crucial along with that is, of course, the role of China.”

But in response, an editorial in Communist party paper The Global Times accused Mrs May of being weak and vulnerable after losing her majority at the election.

It said: “May’s Conservative party lost many seats, turning her into a vulnerable prime minister.

“Weak people often look for opportunities to show their strength.”

The paper went on to accuse her of “rehashing” Donald Trump’s statements on the regime.

It accused her of “pointing fingers”, saying: “Beijing does not need London to teach it how to deal with North Korea.”

The stinging criticism came after China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying also gave the British leader short shrift.

She said: “People say all kinds of things whenever the situation on the Korean peninsula becomes tense.”

Both Mrs May and Japanese leader Sinzo Abe have pledged to work together to counter the North Korean threat.

Mrs May, visiting the country on a Brexit charm offensive, said: “Through our deepened security partnership, we must work together to enhance our collective response to the threats to international order and global peace and stability.

“And that must include confronting the threat that North Korea poses and ensuring that this regime in North Korea stops its aggressive acts.”

Mr Abe said: “North Korea’s reckless action is a threat. 

“Japan and Britain will cooperate to counter this.”