Hurricane Harvey Houston: Resident catches fish with BARE HANDS after floods engulf homes

A Houston man surveying the horrific flood damage in the wake of Hurricane Harvey dived into the water and captured a fish with his bare hands after he found it swimming around his home.

Video footage of the man shows him wading through the water, which has swamped his home, as he tracks down the fish.

Suddenly, the man dives into the water as he attempts to catch the creature as it tries to avoid his grasp.

After an unsuccessful first attempt, he manages to snare the fish with his bare hands and holds it aloft in celebration. 

The video, which has since gone viral on Facebook, was posted by Viviana Saldana after Houston was battered by Hurricane Harvey over the weekend.

She wrote: “Why go out looking for food when food is coming to our living room?”

Ms Saldana also urged her social media followers to share her video to help it go viral.

The danger posed to Houston because of the flood waters is not over as a major dam just outside the city has begun overspilling after Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate Texas.

Moments after Donald Trump tweeted to confirm he is en route to the disaster-struck state, a Texas official claimed the Addicks Dam, outside Houston, began overspilling as the storm pushes the reservoir past capacity.

Engineers have desperately attempted to stop any further devastation to nearby communities by releasing some of the water held by the dam.

However, flood control official Jeff Linder admitted the water levels have now surpassed the height of the reservoir edge. 

He said the difficulty they’ve experienced in releasing water from the reservoirs is “something we’ve never seen before”.

Authorities have been forced to release the water into Houston’s already swollen drainage system to alleviate pressure.