Paris bar faces backlash over offering women ‘free shots’ for showing their breasts

The vulgar bar sign – which read “t**s = shot” and was peppered with polaroid images of female customers lifting their shirts – provoked a storm of controversy after an outraged Parisian reveller posted a picture she’d taken of the sign during a night out to her Twitter account.

Twitter user @Anne__GE wrote under the picture of the so-called promotional poster on Monday: “I was informed that this was going on in this bar @WanderlustParis.” She added the sign was “indecent, shocking and degrading”. 

She said: “The girls who agreed to have their picture taken were probably too drunk to protest when the barman took the photo.”

The managers of the hip Wanderlust bar, which is located in Paris’ 13th arrondissement, immediately responded to the tweet, saying that they had “no idea” that members of their staff were offering free shots to women who showed them their breasts.

The bar’s manager wrote: “Hello Anne, we were not aware of the sign. We are going to ask out staff to remove it immediately, it’s unacceptable.”

Later that day, the Paris bar posted a second tweet confirming that the sign had been removed from its spot behind the bar.

Staff added: “The Wanderlust team has found the bar sign and firmly condemns this unacceptable practice. The photographs have been removed, and the bar staff involved will be sanctioned accordingly.”